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No more website stress.

All your Wix website needs in one affordable monthly cost.

Like having a full-time web team so you can carry on running your business.

I'll become your new Wix partner, do your web changes and be there to support you

I will take care of your SEO, accessibility, and make sure your design stays tip-top

I will talk to Wix's support team on your behalf if further help is needed

I am here to help support and grow your website, and climb in Google

I'll become your new Wix partner, do your web changes and be there to support you

All for a flat fee of just £20 a month

You created your own website with Wix to save money and time.


But now you need help.

Maybe you've become overwhelmed with SEO and accessibility when making changes or can't make the editor behave. Maybe you just don't have time to fiddle and learn. Or maybe you just think it's time for a professional to take over so you can look better to your customers.

Let me become your Wix Partner and do your changes for you, properly, quickly and professionally, leaving you free to run your business.

Kat Moir

I'm Kat, Wix Legendary Partner and Wix Expert for over 10 years

Help with Wix website

"I initially went to Online Designs for their website report which was reasonably priced and very comprehensive. On my request Kat then re-vamped my website. Online Designs took my website from a very basic D.I.Y job to a much more professional-looking site. Kat worked with me and appreciated my design input rather than just assuming control and she was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Emails were answered promptly in a very friendly manner and anything that I asked for was done almost immediately. For all the above reasons, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Online Designs to anyone needing help with their website and their ongoing Wix Partner plan."

Joanne Craske Digital Retouching

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On our Wix Partner plan


Rated 5 stars by our customers

Online Designs, Web Design St Neots
Help with Wix website
Best of St Neots
Online Designs, Web Design St Neots
Online Designs, Web Design St Neots
Online Designs, Web Design St Neots
Help with Wix website
Online Designs, Web Design St Neots
Help with Wix website
Help with Wix website

For just £20 a month...

✓  We will do your web changes for you, usually the same working day

✓  We will take care of the ongoing SEO & accessibility

✓  We will be available quickly on email for questions or advice

✓  You can stop worrying about your website and start running your business

✓  Your website will continue growing and thriving

✓ If your website needs an initial fix-up, we will quote on a discounted rate

Help with Wix website
Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 14.40.06.png

Our package includes:

Have us as a contributor on your Wix website

Email us when you'd like content changes

Email us for help and advice anytime

One low monthly cost, no ad-hoc charges

We will liaise with Wix Support team if needed

Access to our exclusive Customer Hub for website ideas, marketing advice and more!

Hi, we're Kat & Shaun

We live in Cambridge, UK

We're Wix Legendary Partners

We have been working with Wix for over 10 years

Kat is a designer and Shaun is a technical expert

We own a small web design agency

We have hundreds of great 5 star reviews

We are on TrustPilot

Say hi!

Wix Partners

Optional add-ons:

Initial design cleanup

from £40

Initial SEO cleanup

from £20

Help with Wix website

Get your website to a professional level before we start on the plan. I'll let you know if you need this.

Get your SEO to a suitable level before we start on the plan. I'll let you know if you need this.

Monthly analytics report


We can put together a monthly report on your website stats and email it to you. This can help with your marketing.

There are no hidden costs. What you see is what you get.

Let's go!

Fill out the form below to sign up to the Wix management plan.


I'll get back to you to confirm we are a good fit


I'll give you instructions to add me as a partner to your website


Fill out this form to get started!

Thankyou for joining up! I'll get back to you ASAP with next steps.

Welcome to a world where you don't need to stress about your website anymore!


What kind of businesses do you work with?

This plan is perfect for small businesses or sole traders that have built their website in Wix but don't have the time or knowledge for the website upkeep or growth. Examples of people on this plan are plumbers, electricians, beauty salons, hairdressers, small building companies, artists, photographers and more.

Who is this plan for?

For businesses who want to keep control of their own Wix website, domain name and billing, but have an expert on board to make website changes properly and keep the everything fully working and looking great.

What exactly does this plan include?

I become a contributor to your Wix website and undertake web changes when you need them. This means that anytime you wish to make changes I would do them. Here are some examples of changes I would do on your behalf:

- Adding case studies

- Adding services on existing pages

- Changing text or pictures

- Adding reviews

- Amending colours, fonts or branding

- Adding blog posts that you have written

- Adding extra pages (T&Cs apply)

Is there anything it doesn't include?

This plan is designed to manage and make necessary changes to your existing website and makes sure it stays fully working and looking great.

- This plan is not a replacement for a whole re-design. That means I will not re-design your website unless I quote you extra.

- It does not include adding lots of new pages with new content, unless quoted as an extra.

- It does not include the management of apps or marketing tools such as a shop, chat, bookings or any other functionality you should be managing yourself.


What happens if my website isn't in perfect condition to begin with?

I can only work on websites that are in very good or perfect condition. I can't be your Wix Partner on a broken website as it is not good value for either of us. About 50% of the websites that come onto this plan require some sort of upfront work.


If your website isn't in a condition I'm happy managing, you are subject to one or more of the 3 following packages:

- Design Cleanup/Refresh: This is for websites that just need a little fixing up and tweaking. Maybe some bug fixes, aligning the fonts or colours, or a few improvements. This is usually a one-off cost of around £150-£200.

- Re-design: This is more major work for websites that are in a bad state and need drastic work before I can become your partner. This is important work whether or not you want me on board, as your website will not be working for you if it's in this state. This is usually a one-off cost of around £300-£500 depending on the website size and functionality.

- SEO Cleanup/Refresh: This is for websites whose SEO is not properly setup. This will get your SEO set up and your website listing in Google. This is usually a one-off cost of around £40-£80.

If you need one or more of these packages and decline to go ahead, I won't be able to come on board as your Wix Partner.

Is there a time limit for changes?

The £20 a month fee pays for half an hour of my time a month. This is perfect for what the plan is designed for - time enough for some picture changes, text changes, uploading a new review, and giving you some advice. If you go over your time, we can either wait until the next month or I can quote you for extra time.

Do you do any sort of ongoing maintenance or SEO work?

No. This Wix Partner plan is designed to be low-cost and for web changes only. I do run other plans that include proactive maintenance and SEO work and would include me taking complete ownership of your website. Please enquire if you're interested.

How do I pay?

Using our Direct Debit software GoCardless. We will send you a form to set up the recurring payment. You will get a notification each month from GoCardless before the payment is taken and your invoices from us will be downloadable from an online account.

What is the cancellation procedure and notice?

You can cancel simply with one month's notice. If your next payment has already been authorised with our direct debit software then we will take the payment and work that month. If it hasn't been authorised, we will cancel the payment and you can cancel immediately. 

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